Great expectations of young small racket masters – table tennis in Turkmenistan

Great expectations of young small racket masters – table tennis in Turkmenistan

Table tennis or ping-pong is one of the most popular and democratic sports. The first table tennis games were held at ordinary desks, where books were used instead of a net, and rackets were replaced by pieces of cardboard. And only later, nets and rackets of various shapes appeared.

In 1988, table tennis became part of the Olympic Programme. Ping pong is a versatile sport. In addition to having a beneficial effect on the arm and leg muscles, it also improves eyesight as it is necessary to constantly follow the quick-flying ball with the eyes.

Table tennis is on the rise in Turkmenistan. This is obvious from the number of people willing to practice it. All conditions have been created for them in the country, Table Tennis Federation Chairman Agamurad Allanazarov emphasizes.

According to the professional, it is advisable to send children to the table tennis section at the age of 6-7, so that by the age of 12 the child can be developed to the international level.

So his son Ilyas Allanazarov has experience of participating in international competitions already by the age of 13. In particular, he won first place at the junior tournament in Russia (the city of Kazan) in 2018, scored well in the Central Asian competitions. Ilyas took a lead at the tournament organized for the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s neutrality on December 8-10, 2020.

His older brother Guychgeldi is also one of the top three tennis players in the country. He took the gold medal at the top-level tournament in Kazakhstan (the city of Almaty) in 2017. The brothers train under the instruction of Rashid Ahmedov at the Ashgabat Stadium.

In the near future, the backbone of the national team will be formed, which will play under the green flag of Turkmenistan at international tournaments. In addition to Ilyas and Guychgeldi, it will include Jumanov Alibek of Lebap velayat, Roziyev Islam and Meredov Vepa.

The goal of the Turkmen team is to take a leading position in the region. There is a great competition, but young Turkmenistan citizens have every chance to be in the first place.