Great Caspian region – ample opportunities for the global economy: Caspian Week in Davos

Great Caspian region – ample opportunities for the global economy: Caspian Week in Davos

The Fourth Annual Conference on developing the economic, environmental and human potential in the Caspian region (Caspian Week 2020) was held as part of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The Caspian Week Expert Forum is an effective platform for reviewing global initiatives. During the Caspian Conference, entrepreneurs, developers, representatives of the scientific community, investors and sociologists from different countries spoke at panel interdisciplinary sessions on pressing development issues in the Caspian region, and the world as a whole, and offered options for resolving them.

The idea of creating the Caspian Week was implemented in 2017 by the Company İntegral Petroleum SA, Switzerland, member of the World Economic Forum. The Caspian Week’s main objective is to develop economic, cultural, educational and scientific relations with the Great Caspian region (including the countries surrounding the Caspian and Black Seas), as well as attracting investments and new technologies, including digital, to the region.

This year, among those speaking at the Caspian forum were such prominent figures in politics and economics as Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Gaharia, former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Matthew Bryza, Ex-President of the Swiss Parliament Felipe Lombardi, Minister of Economy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mustafa Mastur, former Russian Ambassador to Germany Vladimir Kotenev, Advisor to the President of A+A Group of Companies for Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan Andreas Baumgartner, former FIATA President Baber Badat.

In addition, the session “Caspian Transport Corridor in the Light of Global Changes” was held, at which experts expressed their views on the prospects and solutions for development of the region. Matthew Bryza made a presentation at the session on the topic “Trans-Caspian Corridor: Strategic Reliability in the Age of Instability”. A round-table of experts took place also on “Prospects for the Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline”, at which SOCAR Vice President Elshad Nasirov spoke. Another session thereto was titled “Access to Global Markets: New Transit Opportunities for the Caspian Region”.

Murat Seitnepesov, Chairman of the Caspian Week Organizing Committee, emphasized that the Great Caspian region has a leading role in development of the global economy:

– The Great Caspian region covers not only the five Near- Caspian states. This region also includes the countries around the Caspian and Black Sea, from China to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey. The region covers 500 million people and 5 million square kilometers. The economic importance of this region is enormous. The Great Caspian region is of paramount importance for the global economic growth. There are few such regions. We believe that it has great potential with regard to both economic and other areas.