Good New Year’s habits, or that the holiday remains a holiday

Good New Year’s habits, or that the holiday remains a holiday

The New Year – a holiday of all holidays. And not to sadden it with unpleasant moments, it is necessary to reflect on development of useful habits – to prepare the organism for table marathon and day regimen change.

Useful habits – millions. But in the final week till the New Year the ORIENT advises to remember the following:


Daily physical activities, even 7 days prior to the holiday will strengthen not only muscular, but also the cardiovascular system. And, by the way, it will properly cheer one up – during practice of sports the organism is filled with oxygen, adrenaline is developed, general tone rises. So, in the list of principal causes of an outing to the sports hall it is possible to write down «for mood».


The marathon of corporative, morning performances and outings as guest can completely undermine your readiness to welcome the New Year. An advice not to overload your digestive system is rather simple, but it is not easy to fulfil.

Try to follow a system of correct diet – eat 5-6 times a day in small portions, drink more waters and not to lean on fried and fat foods.

During a visit it is possible to try a spoonful of from each dish not to offend hosts.


Many with the heat of the pre-New Year’s business forget to prepare for a holiday the most important ornament-. It is necessary to attend to your appearance now: one should get a haircut or have a makeup, choose a dress, get a manicure, quality cosmetics for a celebratory make-up.

It is not necessary to neglect humidifying creams and face packs and hands not to ask from Father Frost «to soften “the weather and irritated”.

Call friends

And relatives. And in advance confirm all planned meetings, once again talk of plans and procedure of organization of a holiday. Better to make a proper preparation and know exactly where and how will take celebrations so that one should not find a transport on the 31st urgently and change all the program of evening.

Enrol for courses

… education/sports. Then you will not have a possibility to postpone it in the New Year. And you can devote time after holidays to constructive education – self-education, improvement of quality of skills or body perfection.

Write down your successes

Have bought a gift for your mum of which she dreamt? Have you made a quarterly account? Have you raised a smile of the child? Write down it.

Such memoirs have property to grow dim and be lost in every day vanity. But on the New Year’s Eve you can be assured that the end of the year was amazing. The proof – your notes!

Finish all affairs

It is not without reason that they say it is not necessary to drag your debts in the New Year. If you still have unfinished business – finish it. If there is no possibility completely to carry out the task, close the maximum quantity of the intermediate stages.

So you enter January 1st with a smaller load of responsibility on your shoulders. And, it means with great pleasure. After all the holiday is not a holiday when you know that after it again there will be a work involving all hands?

The Eve of the New Year – excellent time to get pair of useful habits. At this time, captured by sensation of a holiday, we are ready to become better.

And the fact that one should follow these habits we will continue next year sounds very significantly and inspires belief in correctness of a choice of way. Even if the next year will come in 7 days.