Golden corn in the fields of Turkmenistan

Golden corn in the fields of Turkmenistan

Whether you know that from ton of corn ashes it is possible to obtain 60 grams of gold. This precious metal, in micro doses, contains in any soil, and the corn has property to attract and accumulate it. And not in vain they have given the corn a nickname «a king of fields». Its grains contain 26 elements of the periodic table. Vitamins, carbohydrates, fibres, fats, glutamic acid stimulate the brain activity. Besides, a regular use of corn improves the state of health of hair, skin and nails.

The agricultural sector of Turkmenistan is engaged for many years in selection of corn plants. Thanks to the work of the Research Institute of Grain Crops 8 varieties of corn, 4 of which Turkmen species have been developed.

– The corn on the Turkmen earth perfectly grows, as the plant likes the sun enough, – Allamurad Rozyev, a senior research assistant of the Research Institute of Grain Crops tells. – On the basis of scientific experiments of the institute in 2019 the recommendation about corn cultivation in Turkmenistan was released. Among the species zoned in all regions of the country, seeds of corn “Annau-62”, “Lachyn” and “Paytagt” are actively used.

Local varieties give a high productivity. Some species of corn can yield a good harvest two times a year. Early ripening varieties of the corn’s ears are formed for a short time, in 77-84 days after sowing.

At the end of June, after gathering grain, wheat fields are sowed under corn. From the mid-summer till October the corn variety “Lachyn” will ripen. And in 4 months, to the same fields wheat will return. Such crop rotation favourably influences the quality of soil.

– The corn is very useful and, of course, it contains small quantities of gold, it promotes normalisation of hormonal processes in the organism, – Allamurad Rozyev continues his conversation. – From the corn grain we produce: flour, canned food, starch and many industrial goods: dyes, acetone, and spirit. The grain of silage corn is applied in agriculture, to feed animals. This year, besides corn and vegetables, Turkmen farmers have paid much attention to cultivation golden gram, having sowed 12 thousand hectares under the podded plant.

It is remarkable that the corn does not lose useful properties even at thermal processing and preservation. However one should use it in the limited quantities so that the organism has time to digest cereals. Since ancient times from corn various delicacies – flakes, sticks and crunching popcorn that are very popular among fans have been prepare.

The tribes of ancient Indians yet preparing popcorn still in the caves sincerely believed that God lives in corn grains and he jumps out from it on heating on fire. Indians of the Maya and Aztecs esteemed corn and prayed on it, as a sacred plant. For today in the world there is a set of kinds of this unique product which has become widely known thanks to seafarer Christopher Columbus.