Go ahead with hugging!

Go ahead with hugging!

One of the most unusual and merry holidays – International Hug Day is celebrated on January 21 throughout the world . It was established in the USA in 1986 as the National Hugging Day, and then rapidly spread around the world.

It is believed to have been invented by students. They argued that during a friendly hug, people exchange warmth. According to the holiday tradition, you can even hug a stranger on this day.

Despite the young age of this holiday, today it is difficult to find its initiator: it is not known who first came up with this idea of a “close” celebration on January 21, and why this particular date was chosen.

By the way, it is young people who in recent years have been holding various flash mobs dedicated to the International Hug Day on each new year’s twenty-first day.

Mikhail EREMIN