GlobalFest in New York appreciates Iranian musician

GlobalFest in New York appreciates Iranian musician

The outstanding Iranian composer Kayhan Kalhor was awarded in the US GlobalFest Music Festival, Iranian news agency IRNA reports.

GlobalFest is a music festival held annually in the first half of January in New York. It gathers the most creative and important music bands from around the world.

Kayhan Kalhor is an internationally acclaimed Iranian virtuoso on the kamancheh. Kalhor has previously received the 2019 World Music Expo WOMEX Artist award. As a member of Silk Road band, won a Grammy Award.

For Kayhan Kalhor, the kamancheh is his voice. When he plays, he creates whole languages in which to communicate with people from all over the world, from centuries past and far into the future. Throughout his career, Kayhan Kalhor has worked with the best musicians from across Iran and studied the folk music of different regions of his homecountry, allowing all of these voices to permeate his own sound.

The kamancheh is a ball-shaped bow string musical instrument. It is made from walnut wood. For 10-15 years, the casing is dried, after which the wall is squeezed to a 5 mm thickness. The body has a long upper neck and a lower bowl-shaped resonating chamber, usually covered with a membrane made from a fish. The arched pedestal made of walnut is installed obliquely in relation to the strings. It allows to get a stronger and brighter sound. From the bottom protrudes a spike to support the kamancheh while it is being played.

The kamancheh is played by drawing a special bow across it – it has a straight or slightly concave dogwood cane, to which a strand of horsehair is attached. The technique of playing the kamancheh is unusual – the strings are played with a variable-tension bow. It is played sitting down held like a cello though it is about the length of a violin. The end-pin can rest on the knee or thigh while the player is seated in a chair to turn an instrument’s string to the bow.