Global Sports Week starts

Global Sports Week starts

On February 1, the second Global Sports Week gets off. This year’s event will be held online with a live broadcast in five host cities of the Olympic Games: Tokyo, Beijing, Dakar, Milan and Los Angeles, and will continue until February 5.

The theme of the 2021 Week is Innovative and Sustainable Sports Economy – Reinvention in Action.

Global Sports Week is a platform where the heads of sports organizations, athletes, as well as representatives of the private sector discuss the future of sports, its development beyond geographical borders.

Among the key issues that will be considered this year is the place of sports in education, its power in raising children’s awareness of the key problems of modern society. For example, Gabriela Ramos, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences, will talk about specific activities that UNESCO is developing in this regard. In particular, this is a draft policy in the field of quality physical education, as well as a new UNESCO initiative in the field of sports education to restore COVID-19 – “Fit for Life”.

The event will also include an online meeting of media representatives, which is expected to bring together about 150 journalists from major international publications, national newspapers, radio and television.

More detailed information about the Global Sports Week is on the website