Germany ready to assist negotiations between Kabul and Taliban

Germany ready to assist negotiations between Kabul and Taliban

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said his country was ready to help advance negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

At a joint press conference with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the German Foreign Minister stressed that Germany is in close contact with the United States on the situation in Afghanistan.

“I promise Mike Pompeo that Germany will be ready to act as a moderator of the peace process between the Taliban and the Afghan government,” Ariana TV quoted Maas as saying.

As already reported, IRA Acting Foreign Minister Idris Zaman received a German delegation this week led by Secretary of State for the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development Martin Yeager.

During the event, acting Minister discussed with the German delegation the resumption of the peace process. In particular, he presented a draft roadmap for the peace process developed by the presidential administration of Afghanistan in late October.

Let us recall that the inter-Afghan meeting with the participation of representatives of official Kabul and the Taliban should be held in China in the near future. Initially, the opening of this event was being prepared on October 28, but subsequently the meeting was rescheduled.

The desire of Western countries to help the Afghan settlement by organizing a dialogue between Kabul and the Taliban is very useful. However, recently there has been a slowdown in the Afghan settlement process. After the United States refused to sign an agreement with the Taliban, the situation in Afghanistan escalated. The Americans themselves said earlier that after concluding an agreement between the United States and the Taliban, government negotiations should begin in Kabul with the latter.

However, none of this has happened. All this is against the backdrop of uncertainty over the presidential election in Afghanistan. The current situation shows that the peacekeeping potential of Western countries in this situation is not quite sufficient, and now more than ever it is important to use the peacekeeping capabilities of Afghanistan’s neighbors in the region. In particular, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Ashgabat has repeatedly proposed its territory for inter-Afghan negotiations, promising to create all conditions for consensus. Tashkent is also ready to make a feasible contribution to the Afghan settlement, proposing to hold negotiations between the parties to the conflict in Samarkand.

Here we must take into account the motivation of the western countries and neighboring states of Afghanistan. For Western countries, the inter-Afghan conflict will always be something far away and not directly threatening their well-being. While the neighbors of Afghanistan are vitally interested in establishing lasting peace in a neighboring country. Making efforts in a peaceful settlement in Afghanistan, neighboring states strengthen peace in the entire region and create conditions for its economic and social prosperity.