German Transfermarkt: Turkmenistan Best Football Players’ Value

German Transfermarkt: Turkmenistan Best Football Players’ Value

The German Transfermarkt website, which specializes in the football player values, has updated the data on the value of the best players in Central Asia, including Turkmenistan.

According to the latest data, the market value of professional football players has declined due to the pandemic. On average, players’ values dropped by 20 percent, while those footballers born in 1998 or after would suffer a little loss.

Football players’ transfer value is amounting to a total of 9.22 billion Euros due to coronavirus pandemic.

“The stock market prices have plummeted, numerous clubs could face bankruptcy and transfer planning has come to a standstill due to the many uncertainties at most football clubs. It is currently hard to imagine that transfer prices will continue to rise in the foreseeable future as in previous years,”Transfermarkt founder Matthias Seidel explains the market values.

The total assessed value of the players of the national team of Turkmenistan is 2.53 million Euros. According to Transfermarkt, at the national team of Turkmenistan, the most valuable player is Ruslan Mingazov, who plays for FC Irtysh, Kazakhstan. His current market value is 525 thousand Euros.

The price of Arslanmurad Amanov, the player of FC Namangan, Uzbekistan, is 400 thousand Euros. The value of the best scorer of the Kyrgyzstan Championship last season, ex-forward of the Dordoi Bishkek Vahyt Orazsahedov, who now plays for FC Istiklol, Tajikistan, is 250 thousand euro, according to the German website rating.

As to other Central Asian states: the total market value of the national team of Tajikistan is 4.9 million Euros, Kyrgyzstan – 4.23 million Euros, Kazakhstan – more than 12.4 million Euros. The total market value of the football team of Uzbekistan is estimated at 9.73 million Euros.

Transfermarkt is a German-based website that has footballing information, such as scores, results, statistics, and transfer news. According to the IVW, it is in the top 25 most visited German websites, and one of the largest sport websites.