Gekdere picnic season open

Gekdere picnic season open

Novruz walked off, and nature, which headed for the summer, beckons city residents to change the greenery of their parks to “wild” beauty. The Kopetdag mountains with their tempting paths along the rocks and descents into the gorge, which perked up with lush vegetation, are especially attractive during this period.

Recreation facilities in the Gokdera gorge just take the first vacationers who came to spring picnics. There are not many, but an influx is expected next weekend.

“We expect the main flow of domestic tourists in April, when it’s not too hot,” say the administrators of the Chinar holiday home. – Many people want to wander around the mountains, inhale the smell of fresh wormwood, find a mountain violet. And still, everyone is waiting for the flowering season of field poppies – the culmination of the delightful and reverent splendor of the Turkmen spring.

Social network users call the time between the flowering of fruit trees and field poppies the season of “green selfie time” – “green selfies” are made against a background of emerald landscapes with scarlet flashes. During this period, photographers and artists, videographers and film crews love to work in the foothills – you can catch the very “outgoing nature” that will create an amazing image.

One-day hikes do not require long preparations: buses and taxis go to the gorge. And the holiday home provides carpets and bedding if someone wants to sit on the grass by the river, or cottages and rooms in mini-hotels, if customers prefer to relax in comfort.

In the summer, children’s holiday homes will take young guests, shift after shift. And the spring outings in Gokdere is another great opportunity for parents to learn where it is better to send the child to rest and recover before the next school year..