Gates of Hell in the Turkmen Karakum – terrestrial landscapes in fantasy style

Gates of Hell in the Turkmen Karakum – terrestrial landscapes in fantasy style

Have you ever felt yourself like the hero of a fantasy novel? According to the American scientific new portal Nature World News, at least six natural phenomena are observed on the globe, drawing extreme landscapes that create the illusion of being in the world of fantasy. These are erupting Japanese volcanoes, illuminated by lightning, ghost rainbows, underwater rivers, frightening low clouds asperatus, powerful vertical lighting pillars in the Northern hemisphere.

However, the rating of natural anomalies is headed by the world-famous Turkmen “Gates of Hell”.

Somewhere in the vast desert four decades ago, a team of drillers accidentally found a huge underground void, there was a collapse, which formed a giant hole filled with gas. To prevent an environmental disaster from releasing toxic gases, geologists decided to fire them. It was expected that the fire would die out in a few weeks.

However, the crater with a diameter of almost 70 meters spews flames to this day, turning into a well-recognized tourist brand. Instagram is full of photos and selfies of enthusiastic tourists-adventurers on the background of the Turkmen Darvaza with captions like this: “Look! I have conquered the Gates of Hell!”

And by the way, the canadian researcher George Kourounis became the man who won the victory over the angry, and at the same time fascinating red-copper-fire site.

Four years ago, he had done the impossible. Dressed in some sort of diving-suit from a heat-reflecting material, Kourounis entered the burning crater in the search for bacterial life forms. And there really were found microbes that feel good in “extraterrestrial” conditions of life.