Garnish in French, or Open Door Theater

Garnish in French, or Open Door Theater

There are no hopeless situations, especially in a French sitcom. Actors of the Ashgabat Theater “Artist” presented the audience with a dynamic plot development, and witty in every sense, the play of the French playwright Mark Cameloti “Garnish in French.”

In the center of the intricate plot of the comedy is a married couple. Husband Bernard, having learned that his wife Jacqueline was going to visit her mother, decided to take the opportunity and invited his mistress – model and actress Susanna to visit. But everything went wrong from the very beginning, the wife suddenly cancels the trip, and his close friend Robert, who, by the way, is Jacqueline’s lover, comes to visit Bernard.

The family idyll is on the verge of a “catastrophe”, when the familiar roles are confused, and the invited cook Suzette appears in the house. Adult people who play games do not notice how they themselves start to be played by games. Subtle humor and exquisite dialogue of actors involve the viewer in the action of the play. The whole hall is as if invited to a dinner party and has the pleasure of watching the secrets of each hero.

But you need to watch carefully, because during the intermission, the actors, without leaving their images, invite all the “guests” of the evening to go to the lobby of the theater and take part in the quiz. Attentive viewers are invited to answer a couple of questions and get the opportunity to win tickets to the next performance.

The pleasantly dumbfounded audience takes part in the raffle of tickets with pleasure, guests communicate, taste the treats offered by the characters of the performance, share opinions on the performance and take pictures with their favorite characters as a keepsake.

“This is a kind of experiment,” says actress Tatyana Ovezmuradova. – We decided that it would be very interesting if the audience could walk into the living room of the couple and enjoy tea or coffee.

– The performance was staged under one breath, there were many ideas that later came together as a whole, and we got such a confused but tasty side dish in French,” says actress Anush Potarak. The play allows you to take a different look at everyday reality. The exit of the actors into the hall is also not accidental, we involve the viewer in the “game”, we keep the audience a little in suspense. It seems to me that for the audience this is an extra decoy and an occasion to go to the theater more often, where they can not only look at the actors, but also communicate with them, as with ordinary people.

Unforgettable and very emotional performance gave Ashgabat theater fans a lot of pleasant impressions. People of different ages responded positively to the production as one, finding close and familiar situations from their lives in the sparkling history.

Yes, it happens that not always everything goes as we want, but this is not a reason for sadness. The characters of the play can learn resourcefulness and fantastic inventiveness. And it’s worth attending the theater if only because it helps spiritual development, allows you to look at life from a wide variety of perspectives and appreciate the multifaceted nature of human life..