Garment factory “Cheper” – one of leaders of the textile branch

Garment factory “Cheper” – one of leaders of the textile branch

The Dashoguz garment factory of the Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan has once again fulfilled its production plan ahead of the industrial schedule. As compared with the same period of last year industrial indicators of the garment factory “Cheper” have made up 184%.

At the enterprise constructed in 1983 and reconstructed in 2014, modern sewing-machines and other special equipment of foreign manufacture are operated, allowing to increase output, and also to raise quality of products.

This sewing manufacture lets out finished articles with high competitive characteristics. Here, receiving the processed local raw materials from textile complexes, in bulk to order the military uniforms, working clothes for builders, workers of sphere of municipal services, bed-clothes for public health services establishments are manufactured. Female, men, teenage, children’s clothes, coats and jackets are made for retail trade.

– In the factory’s assortment are about hundred varieties of production answering to the advanced standards and requirements. And the aiming at success and persistent work highly skilled experts, their interest in the end result, promote growth of rates of labour productivity, – chief economist of the factory Meretgul Meredova says.

Speaking about prospects, Meretgul noted: «Studying inquiries of home market, being guided by seasonal requirements of the population, local designers develop and start manufacture of new fashion lines of latest fashionable tendencies».

– Children’s knitted products, dresses and sundresses enjoy a great demand of customers. So, by each season specialised shops are replenished with elegant garments for children and adults. All goods are on sale in our firm shop and regularly go to the centres of the trading network «Altyn asyr», – Meretgul Meredova added.