Future Turkmen playwrights learn from experienced professionals

Future Turkmen playwrights learn from experienced professionals

The profession of a playwright today is in demand not only in theater or cinema, but also on television. The intricacies of this work, which requires both possession of a literary syllable and an extraordinary imagination, as well as “design” thinking, knowledge of human characters and social needs, were discussed at today’s meeting at the Turkmen State Institute of Culture.

The meeting of students of the faculty of drama with famous writers of the country was held in the format of a training seminar. The venerable prose writers shared their experience and professional nuances with the young successors.

According to the national writer of Turkmenistan Govshutgeldy Danatar and the author of many successful plays of the Turkmen theater, writing has never been a simple matter. No matter how the world changes, the writer and playwright remain unchanged, the main tools being his soul, thoughts and observation. To achieve results in this combination and to be interesting and necessary for the viewer and reader, you need to constantly develop, learn as much as possible and not cease to be amazed at the greatness of life, the beauty of the world.

Aymamed Ishankuliyev, head of the department of acting and stage speech, presented his new book during the seminar, which included eight theatrical plays for children. Some of them are already included in the repertoires of theaters. What are they talking about? About a good upbringing, respect for elders, love for the motherland and other eternal values.

This, perhaps, is the most surprising aspect of the art of writing – each time in a new way to discover known truths, looking into the secrets of being, allowing the reader to recognize and know themselves in each specific story.

In the evening, the play “Leyli and Majnun” was held on the stage of the Mollanepes Student Theater, after which the students of the drama department discussed the professional aspects of theatrical production and the drama line of the work.

The seminars and master classes held at the Institute of Culture provide more opportunities for students to prove themselves in their favorite profession. In addition, the school holds competitions for young talents that reveal the creative potential of future cultural figures.