Funny weekend: residents of Ashgabat at the leisure time

Funny weekend: residents of Ashgabat at the leisure time

The Culture and Leisure Park “Ashgabat” for residents and guests of the capital has always been an indispensable place for meeting and leisure activities. On Sunday, September 8, a stirring circus and clowns performance took place in the summer amphitheater of the park.

The entertainment program pleased audience with many impressions, especially with the jokes of the clown Juma Homadov.

And when a bright parrot appeared on the stage, the children could not sit and looked at the bird while standing up.

A funny little monkey “saluting”, like a brave soldier, surprised everyone a lot. Following all the trainer’s commands, the monkey caught and put on plastic rings, hit the ball thrown to her and even spun on a metal wheel.

The show program was featured with contests and acrobatic performances. Children and parents occupied all the seats in the open-air theater, where enthusiastic squeal of kids was heard. The laugh and loud music attracted more and more guests to the amphitheater.

“We hold shows in the park until the first cold weather,” the artists say. “Every Saturday and Sunday we invite all visitors of the park to our performance show.”

Ashgabat “First Park”, as it is called by local people, will never let active youth get bored. In addition to the summer amphitheater, there is a football ground, and a small scooter place, where everyone is invited to learn to skate and skateboard.

“My friends and I come here every day to skate,” says Nikita Bogdanov, a high-class school student. “During just 3 weeks, I mastered a skateboard, stopped being feared of slides and obstacles. Riding here is very convenient, because there are special devices, ramps and railings. Of course, you can fall time to time, but when you fall it makes you try to learn more.

Along with Nikita, six-year-old Kristina Yejova also rides. She comes to the park with her brother and she likes roller skates very much. The little girl rolls off the hills very boldly, and if she falls, she rises up and continues her training with a smile.

There is a train for kids in the park, which drives along dinosaurs place – another amazing attraction. As if alive, the figures of a tyrannosaurus, diplodocus and other representatives of large lizards appear behind tall trees.

In addition to park amusement and animators, there are comfortable cafes and restaurants as well. Parents can please their children with cotton candy and lollipops. Refreshing drinks and ice cream complement a pleasant evening. In the park, you can enjoy your weekend accompanied with friends and family members.

Svetlana MAYAK