From scientific development to geopolitics – about what the oil and gas magazine will tell

From scientific development to geopolitics – about what the oil and gas magazine will tell

Consumption of power resources constantly increases in the world, and reserve stocks of fossil hydrocarbons decrease. According to forecasts of the International Energy Agency (IEA), the next decades, despite an active growth of use of renewed energy sources, advantage in consumption of organic kinds of fuel will remain.

The theme of preservation of balance of international relations which demands the fair policy for all in the field of power energy and cooperation, the journal «Oil, gas and mineral resources of Turkmenistan» raises.

Its fresh issue provides articles devoted not only to technological processes and the equipment for fuel and energy complex, but also other issues of sustainable development of oil and gas complex, including scientific, organizational-administrative and financial and economic are presented. One can find here a place for analytics.

The publication «Energy and international relations» reveals a constructive role of Turkmenistan in maintenance of global energy security and search of solutions of aggravated problems in world consumption of energy resources which very strongly varies in the regions of the planet.

For example, territories of countries of Western Europe, the USA and Japan occupy 10 % of the area of terrestrial surface, on their share no more than 20 % of the world’s population fall, and they consume over 55 % of energy resources.

As fair alternative to such state of affairs the project under construction the gas pipeline Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India can serve. Besides, Turkmenistan delivers natural gas by pipelines to China, Iran and Russia. It is also ready to expand the geography of the energy routes.

The priority in the journal is given to perspective scientific development and possible directions of researches, new technologies, discussion of experience of operating enterprises, the debatable materials, concerning developments of mainly oil and gas branches.

One of the articles of the issue tells about experience of obtaining of activated coal from rice peel, developed in the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan. The sorbent made thus can be used in the fuel and energy complex for cleaning of natural gas, and also is applicable in many other spheres about what ORIENT has already written in the previous publications.

In other materials of the experts of the journal, authoritative, famous experts in the oil and gas spheres and eminent scientists, heads and technical officers of branch scientific research institutes tell about development prospects of high-sulphur gas deposits of Turkmenistan, innovative technologies of processing of natural gas and express their views on other vital topics.