From factories to bridges of culture – that Berdimuhamedov discussed with foreign visitors

From factories to bridges of culture – that Berdimuhamedov discussed with foreign visitors

The president of Turkmenistan has held today meetings with top-managers of French and the Turkish companies and the head of the Austrian public organization.

So, Berdimuhamedov accepted the head of Turkish group of companies «Chalyk Holding» Ahmet Chalyk. Defining possible spheres of future teamwork, the head of the state outlined the industry of building materials and suggested the holding to take part in competitive selection of contractors for the building of three cement works. The president also told about necessity of a metallurgical industrial complex.

Now «Chalyk Holding» is busy with the power line Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan which will pass along the gas pipeline TAPI, construction of the International burn center and the International medical-aesthetic center in Ashgabat. There are plans for projects of development of renewed energy sources.

Prospects of interaction with Turkish «Rönesans Holding» president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and the chairman of the board of this company Erman Ylydzhak discussed during the meeting.

Among projects already realized with its participation in Turkmenistan –
The factory for manufacture of gasoline in Akhal. Now in the company’s portfolio – some infrastructural objects, told about the work on which Ylydzhak to the Turkmen leader.

One of the meetings was with Yves Thibault de Silgi representing the board of directors of a group of companies «VINCI» who informed the head of the state on the state of works under the projects entrusted to it in Turkmenistan. In particular, the civil-engineering design of a new hotel near Ashgabat, near to the historical and cultural reserve “Nisa” was discussed.

And the building of bridges of culture became a theme of the meeting of the president of Austrian -Turkmen society Neda Berger.

On the account of the Society such bright projects as the Turkmen-Austrian symphonic orchestra “Galkynysh”, the 10th anniversary of which this year have been celebrated in Ashgabat simultaneously with the annual Viennese ball.

Neda Berger told the head of the state that it is planned for the next year, considering that it will be anniversary – 25 years of Turkmen neutrality. Austria as neutral state will also join celebration of International Day of Neutrality in 2020 by its creative actions.