French oncologists share their experience with their Turkmen colleagues

French oncologists share their experience with their Turkmen colleagues

The online lecture for teachers and students of the State Medical University named after M.Garryev of Turkmenistan and doctors-oncologists of the country was held by French experts on Wednesday, January 20. It was devoted to new tendencies in the field of early establishment and treatment of oncological diseases.

As a lecturer Dominique Bele, doctor-oncologist, honourable professor of the Paris university and research assistant of the branch of chemical and biological technologies for the Centre INSERM-CNRS public health services acted at the Paris university. He also has experience in the Massachusetts general hospital (USA, Boston) and teaching at the Harvard medical school.

During the lecture Mr. Bele told about the latest methods of diagnostics and subsequent supervision over cancer diseases, and also treatments of cancer with the help of immune therapy.

It also concerned use of special tests for revealing of cancer cells at an early stage, detailed laboratory blood tests, features of application of medical preparations in treatment of various kinds of oncological diseases.

Doctor Bele invited his Turkmen colleagues to visit the oncological centres of France, such, as The Institute Curie in Paris, Institute of Oncology named after Gustav Russi which enters into the top -10 world clinics specialising in treatment of cancer.

The online lecture was organised with assistance of the Embassy of Turkmenistan in France.