France for development of partnership with Central Asia in a separate format

France for development of partnership with Central Asia in a separate format

One more state of the world wants to allocate interaction with states of Central Asia in a separate direction of foreign policy. And it is France.

As inform mass-media, President of France Emmanuel Macron during the meeting with President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon in Paris suggested creating a dialogue between France and countries of Central Asia at the level of Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

Less than month the ORIENT wrote that more and more countries want to develop a dialogue with Central Asian states in the format 5+1. And here now to create a dialogue Central Asia – France is proposed by Paris. And this with the fact that there is already a format as it is considered to be, successful interaction of EU – Central Asia.

Apparently, in the Élysée Palace they consider that it is not absolutely enough to realise potential of partnership of France with Central Asian “five”. And it is quite explainable. Rich stocks of natural minerals, mainly oil and the gas, the favourable geography and the balanced foreign policy of countries of the region make it attractive for partners and large players of world political and economic arena and certainly, it also concerns France.

In particular, under such formula – 5+1 – the USA, Russia, Japan, South Korea and the European Union develop interaction with Central Asia. It is not excluded that in the future, such format of interaction can offer other influential states of the Old World. For example, Great Britain. As after exit of Britain from the EU if it, of course, occurs, interests of London in the EU format – Central Asia will be nobody to consider.