Fragrance of Cherry Blossoms in the music of Mamed Guseynov

Fragrance of Cherry Blossoms in the music of Mamed Guseynov

Cherry blossoms fall as soon as they open – for the Japanese, it means the transience and fragility of subsistence. The fleeting beauty of flowers is compared to human life.

At the author’s concert of Mamed Guseynov, held in a Large hall of the Turkmen National Conservatory named after Maya Kulieva, several works of the composer were performed at the beginning of this year. But the piercing lyrical, heartfelt trio for voice, violin and piano – “Fragrance of Cherry Blossoms” impressed especially.

Eternal themes of life and death, reflections on the beauty and ephemerality of earthly existence are in its center. The trio got its name from an old Japanese song, ‘embedded’ in this peculiar vocal and instrumental poem. This gave the work an in-depth philosophical character.

The composition begins with a thoughtful monologue – Muqam’s violin, being consonant with the verses of Kurbannazar Ezizov:

The moon drooped on the Ay-Dere,
Sounds from the ancient chenars flow softly,
A crystal spring at the river bend
Trilling in silver like a bell.

A sample of poly-stylistics – the musical work of Mamed Guseynov includes Eastern improvisation, Turkmen tuiduk and dutar sonorities that merge into harmony.

“Fragrance of Cherry Blossoms” is written as a result of the fusion of vocal and instrumental music genres. Here there is a free interchange of spotty episodes, rhapsodic, programmatic, combination of the lyrics and dramatics.

Cherry blossom is not just the personification of beauty – it is excitement, confusion, hope, tender appeal, memory. The piano melody, taking up the monologue, breaks out of the framework of a narrow range and leads to the melody spread of a violin’s wide breath.

At first it’s quietly, deliberately – in a fairy duet with a violin, and then excitedly, as if an unexpected gust of wind blew, ripping away the dainty petals of cherry flowers – the song about cherry “flows” into the trio with the piano.

Romantic loftiness of music, subtle psychologism, emotional explosiveness, melodic gift, organic fusion of common Eastern musical traditions and customs of Turkmen folklore, classical heritage and modern forms of music – these are the qualities that created Guseynov’s individual style.

Although the composer has been living and working in Moscow for many years, it does not prevent him from maintaining constant and close creative contacts with musicians from Turkmenistan.

Mamed Guseynov’s very life is polyphonic: creativity, pedagogy, leadership of the annual International Festival of Arts “Sounds of dutar” named after Nury Halmamedov, concert activity, family is five-voice Fugue! Let the creativity that gains the listener works like the trio “Fragrance of Cherry Blossoms” be for him the main theme in this polyphony!