Fourth turbine commissioned at Naglu HPP in Afghanistan

Fourth turbine commissioned at Naglu HPP in Afghanistan

Thanks to the efforts of specialists from the Afghanistan Breshna National Energy Company, the fourth turbine was commissioned as part of the Naglu HPP on the Kabul River of Kabul Province in Afghanistan.

Upon commissioning of this turbine, the hydropower plant will provide additional 5 megawatts (MW) of electricity to the country’s national grid, the Afghan Voice News Agency (AVA Press) informs in a statement.

Afghanistan imports most of its power from neighboring Turkmenistan; the electricity is supplied via 110 kilovolt (kV) electricity transmission lines to Herat, Andhoy and the province of Badkhyz.

To increase the volume of electricity supplied to the north of Afghanistan, a 500 kV transmission line from Mary State Power Station to the city of Kerki and further to the border with Afghanistan was built and commissioned in Turkmenistan. The total length of this power line is 450 km.

According to experts from the Asian Development Bank, Pakistan is currently experiencing a shortage of electricity of 6,000 MW, while Afghanistan is expected to witness additional demand of 3,500 MW by 2032. These realities have pushed to launch a project to export power from Turkmenistan via Afghanistan to Pakistan.

To start the implementation of the project, in February 2018, a laying ceremony of 500 kilovolt transmission line between Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan was held in Serhetabad. Under the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan power interconnection project, a power will be transferred from Turkmenistan into Herat, Kandahar, and Spin Boldak in Afghanistan and exported to Chaman and Quetta in Pakistan.