Forum in Avaza ended with a concert of pop stars and fireworks

Forum in Avaza ended with a concert of pop stars and fireworks

It seemed that as early as morning full buses of businessmen, officials and mass media from the Caspian littoral countries and their partners were traveling around Avaza, business meetings and negotiations on mutually beneficial cooperation were continuously held, speeches of top officials were organized, documents were signed: agreements, contracts, memorandums…

After all this business bustle in the evening, Avaza seemed empty. Participants celebrated the tremendous success of the First Caspian Economic Forum in the amphitheater of the national tourism zone.

Here, event guests were delighted with hits from the Caspian Five countries – Nyusha, Sergey Lazorev, Zara, Olga Shultays, Rashad Ilyasov, Samira Efendieva, Majid Akhshabi and many others.

The business atmosphere was replaced by a solemn one, formal suits – into evening ones, and the concentrated, even sometimes gloomy faces of the delegates (negotiations are rarely simple) relaxed. Fun and joy reigned everywhere.

The concert has become a platform not only for cultural exchange. Looking at the artists on stage, it was obvious to everyone that the cultures of the Caspian littoral countries – Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Russia – were close, despite all the obvious differences. They are close in spirit, in mood, in the general philosophy of friendliness and good neighborliness.

This is where the desire for cooperation in politics and economics comes from – from a community of cultures and ideas.

Turkmen national songs and dances – girls in bright traditional costumes are graceful and graceful. It seems that they do not walk, but slowly flow across the stage with a full-flowing summer river, warmed by the generous sun. They are replaced by the Astrakhan State Song and Dance Ensemble – a seething spring stream, the ringing of which awakens and invites you to dance.

Kazakhstani performers – fashionable sound and steppe malleability. Iranian artists – languor of a velvet eastern night. Russian singers are a reflection of the diversity of tastes and peoples living in the world’s largest country by area.

And all this does not merge into a crazy cacophony of sounds, but harmoniously intertwines, continuing in each subsequent work. Also, the forum has become not just a place for “conversations”. The results achieved today on the Turkmen coast of the Caspian will grow and expand, inspiring new projects and expanding the horizons of partnership among the countries of the Caspian region.

The culmination of the celebration was the festive fireworks that lit up the Caspian Sea, which today has become truly common – a sea of good neighborliness and understanding.

And if so, then the I Caspian Economic Forum was a success!