Foreign students ask Russia to let them into the country to continue their studies

Foreign students ask Russia to let them into the country to continue their studies

About two thousand foreign students have asked the Russian Government to allow them to return to Russia and continue their studies. A video message from some of them was published by the Telegram Channel Mash.

In particular, a student from Bulgaria Theodora, studying at the St. Petersburg Institute of Performing Arts, explained that it is impossible to study acting skills, stage speech and fencing remotely.

According to the Telegram Channel Mash, among those who applied are future doctors and students studying under the Rossotrudnichestvo quota.

The fact is that information has emerged that Russian higher educational institutions have begun to expel foreign students who cannot return to Russia due to the closed borders and attend classes. And they cannot come to the Russian Federation on their own since the study is not a reason for crossing the border due to restrictive measures.

The media also report that human rights activist and lawyer Ivan Melnikov has contacted Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova. He asked her to help the students.

In January, the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of the Russian Federation published data on citizens of foreign countries who study at Russian higher educational institutions under the bachelor’s program.

In the top five, the first three places in terms of the number of students were taken by Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, respectively. In fourth place were Chinese citizens. Closing the top 5 was again the country of the post-Soviet space – Tajikistan.