Football Review: Turkmenistan Futsal Super Cup, Turkmen referees at the AFC Cup and other news

Football Review: Turkmenistan Futsal Super Cup, Turkmen referees at the AFC Cup and other news

On March 10th, the first Futsal Super Cup of Turkmenistan will be played in Ashgabat Olympic Town between Kopetdag and Denizchi.

On Saturday, March 9th, a pre-match conference was held, which was attended by officials of the Football Federation of Turkmenistan, referees appointed for the match, representatives of clubs and media.

At the meeting, the colors of the game sets were chosen, in which the teams will play on Sunday. The champion of Turkmenistan “Kopetdag” will perform in blue, the winner of the Cup “Denizchi” in white.

The match will take place on March 10th at 12:00 Ashgabat time in the Olympic city of Ashgabat.

Football is, first of all, a holiday, and victories and defeats are its integral part. We wish good luck to the opponents, let the strongest win.

According to the Football Federation of Turkmenistan, on March 11th, 2019, a panel of arbitrators from Turkmenistan will work at the match of the second round of the AFC Cup in Palestine, at the Fesal Al-Husseini Stadium. The local Hilal Al-Quds will receive the Jordanian Al-Vihdat.

The head of the judiciary of the FIFA is referee Charymurad Kurbanov, his assistants are Pyalvan Pyalvanov and Ahmet Begnazarov.

Meanwhile, Rubin Kurban Berdiyev lost the first game in the RFC (Russian Football Championship) after Vitali Kafanov left. In the 19th round, Kazan away gave way to the Moscow army team and closed the TOP-6 teams of the Russian Premier League.

In the post-match interview, Berdyev rightly noted that CSKA won deservedly, using the blunders that his team made in defense.

Rubin is still the only team in the RFC with the lowest number of losses (3)

The round in the Higher League of the Czech championship for the midfielder of the national team of Turkmenistan Ruslan Mingazov was also unfortunate;

It is also a shame that the Turkmen footballer himself didn’t take effective action for the 74 minutes allotted.