Football: Is it OK to be defeated?

Football: Is it OK to be defeated?

Alexander BAYRIEV

What a question? How can you enjoy the loss? And vice versa – can one leave the field with dull head, if he still defeated the opponent?

It turns out – one can!

Thus, the football team of Turkmenistan has lost to Bahrain with a crushing score, conceding four unanswered goals. But at the same time, like children, the players joyfully congratulated each other.

The fact is that regardless of the outcome of the game, they left the group “E” in the final part of the Asian Cup.

And the exact opposite: Chinese Taipei, with great difficulty defeating Singapore (by the way, both teams come from the same group), yet found itself out of the football festival, which will take place early next year in the Emirates.

The Turkmen football players had something to rejoice: although the rivals are not very strong, but they say that the winners (in this case, the defeated) are not judged.

True, the national team, despite all the favorable conditions created for football development, only for the second time broke through to the final of the cup draw of the Asian part of the continent.

If only they would also be lucky with lots, which will take place in a month. And with a ball, which is known to be round, and can fly into one and the other gates. Maybe then and there, in the Emirates, they will manage to defeat at least someone.

One can not hope for more. At least until a new generation grows up, for whom football is not an unbridled and thoughtless running around from the gate to the gate, which for some reason is called athletic training, but a chess game with living, and most importantly, thinking figures.

So you can indeed enjoy defeat if you do not take into account the mood of the fans …