Folk craftsmen know how to make a cane sound

Folk craftsmen know how to make a cane sound

Bally Kadyrov of the Dashoguz Region became one of the holders of the honorary title “People’s Master of Art”. He was awarded this high title for many years of work in the field of folk craft, and a significant contribution to the preservation of the intangible heritage of Turkmenistan.

For over 60 years, Bally Kadyrov has been making one of the most ancient wind instruments – tuyduk.

– This is our family business. My parents also did it, the title holder said in an interview with ORIENT. – Tuyduk is an amazing instrument, the sound of which has a unique “accent” and emotional impact.

Bally Kadyrov is a real example of how in such an old age a person greatly enjoys his favorite craft, and is pleased to train others in this craft. It is seen how much he wants to tell about this instrument, to which he devoted his whole life.

One of his apprentices, Azat Toyliyev, supported his mentor at the certificates awarding ceremony.

– His house can be compared to a real museum, where you can see a unique collection of tuyduks of various types and sizes, he says.

It is Azat who helps his teacher to collect materials – after all, not all canes are suitable for making this “whistle”. Canes are specially brought from arid areas, after which the most suitable of them are selected.

But that’s not all. Bally Kadyrov also make various products from pumpkin, clothes from wool (he has his own flock of sheep). He collects all these samples, created in the spirit of continuity of the folk craft traditions, in a single composition, representing the originality of the national culture, in a yurt specially set next to his house.