Fitness bracelets help detect COVID-19

Fitness bracelets help detect COVID-19

Fitness bracelets can detect a coronavirus infection in a person, American scientists found out. The results of the study are published in the journal Nature Medicine (UK).

Experts studied the results of patients who reported on their disease, and identified changes in the state of the body denoting coronavirus. So, indicators of gadgets helped identify deviations from individual norms in the heart rate at rest and changes of sleep range.

In particular, it was found that patients with coronavirus at rest have a significantly faster pulse, as well as the time ranges of the deep sleep phase changed.

According to scientists, taking into account these indicators and patient complaints, it is possible to significantly simplify the detection of those infected with coronavirus compared to the model that takes into account only symptoms. In addition, it will be possible to detect diseases in an asymptomatic form or at an early stage.

Earlier, scientists discovered an unusual manifestation of the coronavirus. According to a survey of patients with COVID-19, the disease can declare itself not only with typical symptoms in the form of coughing and fever, but also as irritation on the toes.