First urban horse road opens in Beijing

First urban horse road opens in Beijing

In the capital of the Celestial Empire – Beijing, the first the 4.37-km-long horse trail has opened. Its construction started last year. The trail provides the visitors not only riding tours, but also enjoying the parks and vineyards along the way.

“Several years ago I was among the public at an equestrian competition, and I was interested in this sport as a kind of active leisure. There are not many places in the city where we can enjoy and feel the beauty of horse riding,” said Beijing resident Wang Xiaoxiao.

For people who cannot ride, the services of professionals are available on the trail.

“The horse trail will become a platform that connects horse lovers to host and participate in equestrian sports, thereby promoting the spread of equestrian culture,” said official from the Cuigezhuang District Administration where the trail is located. “Visitors will be able to feel the beauty of equestrian sports and the beauty of the environment during the journey.”

He also added that the names of many streets and places in the area are horse-related, and noted that the second phase of the project will include a green area with exhibitions and facilities related to the history of equestrian sports.

A similar project would be quite promising in the capital of Turkmenistan, as Turkmen people admire the Akhal-Teke horses. So, it would be nice if the Ashgabat mayor’s office will consider the initiative of colleagues from Beijing.