First private winery using Italian technology to be built in Turkmenistan

First private winery using Italian technology to be built in Turkmenistan

An agreement on the supply of equipment for the production of wine products in Turkmenistan was signed during the Turkmen-Italian business forum held in early November in Milan.

The construction of the first private winery in Turkmenistan, which will operate on the basis of Italian technology, will be carried out by Nurly Gadam, a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the country. It is planned that the company will begin operations in 2022.

As Murad Ramazanov, Director General of Nurly Gadam, said in an interview with ORIENT, the peculiarity of this winery will be the production of sparkling wines, which have recently become very popular in Europe.

– We will grow grapes on our own, for this a contract has been signed for the purchase in Italy of elite grape seedlings. But the plant is not limited to the production of wine products. Fruits will be processed at the enterprise, concentrates and juices will be made from them, medical alcohol will be produced, which we will supply to medical institutions free of charge. Close cooperation with Tűrkmen Derman in the production of alcohol-based medicinal tinctures is also expected.

“When we conceived such a diversified and non-waste production, we were faced with the task of finding the best manufacturer of equipment and automatic lines in the beverage industry,” said Murad Ramazanov. – The choice was made in favor of the Italian company Della Toffola – a world leader in this market segment, covering the spectrum from water to milk. And it secured the greatest success in winemaking. Suffice it to say that the company has patented dozens of inventions that have been highly praised by winemakers around the world. In addition, we took into account the complexity of its decisions.

It is planned to organize a sommelier school, wine cellars and a tasting room on the territory of the plant. This is to attract tourists. Given that the enterprise, which is designed to revive the ancient wine-making traditions of Turkmenistan, but with the latest technology, is located nearby Ashgabat, we can expect that it will become another “decoy” for travelers and visitors of the country.

Since ancient times, viticulture and winemaking were developed precisely in Akhal, a foothill valley between Ashgabat and the Kopetdag ridge. The famous Turkmen wines and cognacs include “Terbash”, “Turkmenistan”, “Kopetdag”, “Yasman-Salyk”, “Oguzkent”, “Destan”. Products of Turkmen wine-makers have been repeatedly awarded the first awards of the international contest “Yalta. Golden Griffin”, as well as similar competitions held in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and in France.