First Global Meeting on Futures Literacy

First Global Meeting on Futures Literacy

On December 8 to 12 UNESCO convenes the High-Level Futures Literacy Summit.

The forum will address the challenges that 2020 has brought to humanity’s vision of the future, offering practical solutions to overcome today’s problems by improving futures literacy. About 40 world leaders will share why they believe that futures literacy is an important competence of the 21st century.

“How can we plan for an uncertain tomorrow? By imagining it. Faced with present-day challenges, we must be creative, where the whole point of futures literacy is”, UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay said.

Mobilizing and presenting the latest advances in human thought, UNESCO has jointly created more than 80 Futures Literacy Laboratories since 2012 that deliver rigorous, compelling and practical outputs. UNESCO has also established a rapidly growing network of Futures Literacy Academic Chairs around the world. Its members increase their ability to plan for the future.

The Summit will allow participants to embark on a cognitive journey, started into the world of discoveries to increase their futures literacy.