First Cellular Phone Call was made 47 years ago

First Cellular Phone Call was made 47 years ago

On April 3, 1973, American engineer-inventor of Motorola company Martin Cooper made the first call from a mobile phone in history and this event was the beginning of a new era in the field of telecommunications.

The company spent 15 years and $ 90 million for the development of first cell phone model. Martin Cooper made a call from the world’s first mobile phone of “DynaTAC” model weighing 1.15 kg with dimensions of 22, 5×12, 5×3, 75 cm. It had 2 thousand parts. The battery charge was sufficient for 20-minute talk.

The first commercial cell phone of this company entered the market only 10 years later – on March 6, 1983. It weighed less than the first prototype and its price was $3.5 thousand. After leaving Motorola, Martin founded his own phone company.

Cellular communication, mobile communication network – one of types of mobile radio communication, which is based on a cellular network. The key feature is that the total coverage area is divided into cells, defined by the coverage zones of individual base stations (BS). The cells fractionally overlap and together form a network. On a perfect (flat and undeveloped) surface, the coverage area of one BS is like a circle, so the network made up of them has the form of hexagonal cells (combs).