First cards of “MasterCard” contactless technology came into service in Turkmenistan

First cards of “MasterCard” contactless technology came into service in Turkmenistan

«Rysgal» Joint-Stock Commercial Bank jointly with «MasterCard» Transnational Financial Corporation issued plastic cards with the technology of contactless payment.

Contactless payment with application of a special technology enables to carry out payment with just one touch without entering the password and it ensures comfort and security of executed transactions. One should not even take the card out of one’s purse. It will also save the consumer’s time as the operation is carried out instantly.

New plastic cards will be issued in successive steps – every stage envisages introduction of additional services.

The first stage – issuance of national cards «MasterCard Maestro», which will function only in Turkmenistan for various operations in the national currency. «Rysgal» JSB is already ready to offer them to its customers today. The card, to which the salary of the owner is transferred, can be used for payment of transport fare, communications services, as well as shopping in stores.

In future with the help of special loyalty programs owners of cards will be able to gain certain bonuses for purchase of goods or use of services in a chain of supermarkets or shopping and entertaining centres of the country.

The next stage – issuance of series of currency cards like «MasterCard Standard» «MasterCard Gold» «MasterCard Platinum», which enables to conduct different transactions all over the world. They support such services as online order of goods and their payment, reservation of hotel rooms and organization of trips, access to business halls of airports, discount programs on goods and services abroad and many others.

All types of «MasterCard» will support internet banking services so that the holder can check his balance, review operations by his card and check added services and others at any time.

Visitors of the shopping centre «Berkarar» could check operation of cards «MasterCard» in several shops of the hypermarket.

Ayna Berdiyeva