Financing for Development in the Era of COVID-19: Turkmenistan attends UN Seminar

Financing for Development in the Era of COVID-19: Turkmenistan attends UN Seminar

Financing SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) implementation in the Era of COVID-19 was discussed at an International Seminar convened by the UN via videoconference. Turkmenistan joined the forum from the premises of the Foreign Ministry; the meeting was attended by the heads of the country’s foreign policy, financial and economic ministries, diplomatic missions and UN agencies accredited in Ashgabat.

During the seminar, the participants discussed the issues regarding responses to socio-economic and financial consequences of COVID-19, sustainable development strategies, the implementation of the SDGs both across the world and in Turkmenistan.

Rashid Meredov, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, said that the current meeting provided a good opportunity to exchange views and assessments, outline the prospects for further cooperation on financing for development at a time of pandemic.

Speaking at the meeting, Ms. Elena Panova, the UN Resident Coordinator in Turkmenistan, noted the effectiveness of the ongoing work in the country aimed at achieving the SDGs. She also said that the global economic loss caused by the pandemic could have serious implications for the sustainable financing of the SDGs globally, especially for the SPECA Programme countries (The United Nations Special Programme for the Economies of Central Asia).

According to the participants, the seminar provided a good platform for coordinated adoption of the necessary solutions to combat the socio-economic consequences of the pandemic and to support the most vulnerable segments of the counties’ population that of particularly at risk of the negative consequences of the pandemic.

The international seminar provided a unique platform for exchange of experience among ministries of finance of the SPECA Programme countries regarding responses to COVID-19 with an emphasis on national financing mechanisms for the 2030 Agenda, maintaining sustainable economic development and regional cohesion through transport and trade.


Photo by Suleyman CHARIYEV