Films about the war will be shown in the “Ashgabat” cinema

Films about the war will be shown in the “Ashgabat” cinema

On the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War the capital’s cinema “Ashgabat” started showing films about the war.

– The period of war unveils human heroism, the best qualities of people. Along with this, there is an unprecedented rise in creativity. It is no coincidence that composers wrote great music, artists created unique pictures, and cinematographers during the war years, and also after it, made wonderful feature films that display various episodes of this epic, the people’s feat is revealed, the Russian adviser-envoy to Turkmenistan Sergey Nasinovsky said in his opening speech.

“I want the younger generation, watching these films, to absorb all the best, qualities such as dedication, loyalty and decency,” he continued.

Movie show, which takes place under the slogan “Victory! One for all!”, was opened by the film by director Bulat Mansurov “There is no Death, Guys!”, Which he shot at the Turkmenfilm studio in 1970, now located just a stone’s throw away from the Ashgabat cinema building.

The film tells about the last days of World War II, when a small group of Soviet soldiers took the unequal battle of the Nazis. The protagonist of the film is Lieutenant Vladimir Rubin (Yevgeny Zharikov). A prototype of the main character is Hero of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Rubinsky, a native of Ashgabat.

The 66-person unit, consisting of a walking reconnaissance platoon reinforced by artillerymen Volodya Rubin, stumbles across the outskirts of the city on a ten-time superior adversary rushing towards the Elbe to enter the American occupation zone.

– I regularly attend such shows. Over the years, I have watched a lot of war movies, but I am amazed at their immense number. As every time I open the film I did not know before,” said one of the attendees.

For example, today’s movie “There is no Death, Guys!” I had never seen before,” she added.

Movies about the war will continue until May 12. For three days, the audience will see five films, two of which are dedicated to the memory of an outstanding actor and director Leonid Bykov. These are the films – “Only “old men” go to battle”, in which he played one of the main roles, as well as “Aty-baty, marched the soldiers.”