Film classics music – performed by students of Turkmen national conservatory

Film classics music – performed by students of Turkmen national conservatory

The Turkmen National Conservatory (TNC) leads a busy concert life. On the notice board at the front entrance of the TNC there is not enough room to place posters of all forthcoming performances of groups and soloists. The recital of the orchestra of the Department «Variety art» became one of the most expected.

Maysa Mammetjumayeva, who chairs the Department of variety Art, is already familiar to our readers . The conductor, composer and senior teacher has tried her best with students, having presented the program «The world of film music».

Not so long ago the National Conservatory was named after the opera singer, actress and national actress Maya Kulieva, the first Turkmen performer of the European classical repertoire. The filmography of Maya Kulieva begins with 1945. «The magic crystal» – so was called a musical film in which the singer played one of the characters.

– Our concert is named «The world of film music» because we have tried to collect in it popular compositions of cinema classics of different countries, – Maysa Mammetjumayeva, the author of arrangements of compositions which have sounded at the musical evening tells.

They were accompanied by plots from the films, shown on the monitor: fascinating episodes of the film « The Children of Captain Grant», black-and-white shots from «Seventeen Moments of Spring », bright moments from «Secrets of Mukam», music to which was written by composer Nury Halmamedov.

The impressive performance of the orchestra, chorus and soloists sounded so that, watching the following video, each listener felt as if directly participant in the events of the cinema which have become classics of the genre. Here one can say that “time machine” has worked so that the spirit has intercepted “passengers”.

One could hardly count people in the overflowed hall of the conservatory, not only students, but also the music fans who are a good judge of good music gathered there to congratulate the variety orchestra on the success. The massive ovation and a great number of flowers, exclamations “gallantly” and “thanks” one could hear. And after the concert nobody hurried up to disperse, wishing to be photographed for memory with the conductor of the orchestra which made all out efforts to make success each composition.

– Popularity of variety music also obliges us not to reduce our pace. Studying the musical program, I try to be guided by possibilities of my students. All of them are versatile and talented, but everyone has something that makes him better from others. Classical motives will come easily to someone; someone is good at ethnic, national songs. Therefore in our program film hits in Turkmen, Georgian, Indian languages… are performed.

The concert of the variety orchestra of the Turkmen national conservatory named after Maya Kulieva has presented a fine possibility to remember various music of the world of films which has become legendary together with unforgettable films.