Fight for the Ring: how Turkmen basketball players combine business with pleasure

Fight for the Ring: how Turkmen basketball players combine business with pleasure

Ashgabat Shopping Center “Berkarar” from the very first days of its activities pleases guests with unexpected gifts. It is exactly a gift, that a sports show was held in the capital of Turkmenistan.

The basketball court, carefully located by the organizers of the show at the foot of one of the largest shopping centers in Ashgabat, hosted 4 men’s teams. The teams consisted of members of the adult and youth teams of Turkmenistan. Players competed in 3×3 street ball, a kind of unusual for a Turkmen sports fans.

Basketball hoop, towering over all those present, attracted the eyes already at the entrance to the “Berkarar”. Cool music, popular among youth, blocked the rumble of the evening city, attracting the attention of passersby and gawkers with modern rhythms. And when the guests entered the court, it was impossible to take them out at all.

A quite a lot spectators gathered at the small basketball court, while there were minimum of advertising.

Both the youth and those who caring the young generation were among the fans.

Competitions of players were featured with contests for participants and spectators. A dance group supported by friendly applause performed during the breaks between the games on the court.

Gift certificates were among prizes. Here is what one of the lucky ones said ORIENT:

– It is an interesting show, I like it. I was passing by in the morning, when saw the site and wondered what it was. I came just before the start of the show. Music supports emotions. I wish such events to be more often, I would like to participate as well to have a pleasure.

It was very emotional. In the heat of feelings, not only the vocal chords of sports fans were torn, not only the strong muscles of the athletes strained, but the venue itself vibrated, experiencing what was happening.

Representatives of the big sports of Turkmenistan, whom ORIENT interviewed, attended the show.

Toyli Bayryev, coach of Men’s Basketball team of Turkmenistan:

– Berkarar is the main team that we are preparing for the Asian Cup. All 4 teams that compete today are participating in our men’s basketball league, in the Championships of Turkmenistan, both 3×3 and in classic basketball. Today the best guys from all over our country play here. This is a kind of training before the Asian Cup in China and a demonstration of strength.

Alexander Pashkov, at the show, plays for “Berkarar” team; the official position is coach of Women’s Basketball team:

– We strive to make basketball sports number 1 in our country, that is why organized such a basketball holiday. We hope that it would attract more children and attract the audience. Today to take first place is not the task. The goal is to show a good game, show how beautiful it is, how great it is, and what basketball is, what we can show.

The unusual event, its unique presentation, along with the professional participants, including the organizers and athletes, proved to everyone that this sport is interesting and capable of having a grand continuation.

* * *

On May 22-28, the Asian Basketball Cup will be held in China, men’s and women’s teams of Turkmenistan as one of the favorites have passed without qualifications.

Grigoriy YARKO