FIBA instructor conducted training courses for Turkmen judges

FIBA instructor conducted training courses for Turkmen judges

Instructor of the Asian Basketball Federation (FIBA), international category referee Yevgeny Mikheyev conducted training courses for Turkmen judges on how to improve their skills.

As part of a special FIBA program, an expert with extensive experience in major international competitions conducted a briefing on both theory and practice. He introduced the Turkmen referees with the new rules of the Asian Basketball Federation, presented a detailed interpretation of each moment in classic basketball. Through training videos, Evgeny Mikheev explained the rules of conduct for judges during a match – how far away he should be from the player, how to evaluate this or that episode, where the judge should go with penalty kicks and much more.

– There are a lot of controversial issues during national competitions, whether it be a League or a championship. And this training helped the judges to find answers to many questions. It should be noted that the number of judges in Turkmenistan is increasing every year,” commented Aydogdy Berdyev, chairman of the National Basketball Federation of Turkmenistan.

– We also got acquainted with the changes on unsportsmanlike fouls, since new categories were introduced according to them. In the practical part, we worked on adjusting the mechanics. FIBA holds special seminars where they discuss in detail the work of the judge in the procedural section. In general, which judge, where, what makes it clear, but such details — which hand should rise, where the palm should be — only the inspectors can explain. Basketball is a spectacular game, so everything should be strictly, clearly and clearly in it,” shared the Turkmen international category judge Bakhtiyar Ramazanov.

The FIBA instructor also gave relevant instructions on the proper physical training of judges, which plays an important role in their profession. In order to consolidate everything that was passed, the arbitrators from Turkmenistan passed tests for knowledge of the rules of basketball and English, as well as standards for physical training

They will be able to test their knowledge in practice tomorrow – the Championship of Turkmenistan in basketball starts, which will be attended by the best players of the country.

“We will definitely share the knowledge gained with other judges who could not be present here, and we will regularly hold similar seminars before major competitions,” Bakhtiyar Ramazanov, a judge with almost 20 years of experience in this field, assured.