Farewell, winter. And welcome, spring!

From time immemorial in Russia is the holiday Maslenitsa week which during the pre-Christian epoch was called «Seeing off of winter», has been marked. It lasts a whole week in which people have fun, visit each other, treat and be treated to delicious «foods» and, of course, to be engaged in baking tasty pancakes which personify the long-awaited sun. The sun is just about to become warm and tender in spring. The sun will present a part of itself to anyone, who will eat a ruddy and hot pancake.

The Ashgabat joint Turkmen-Russian secondary comprehensive school named after Pushkin schoolchildren of which all seven days regaled themselves with pancakes and homemade pastry at the mini fairs arranged by their teachers and parents during break did not stay aside from the ancient East Slavic holiday as well.

And on the last day winter, it is already absolutely warm and sunny, in the school yard there gathered schoolchildren of primary classes, their mums and fathers, elder brothers and sisters, teachers. That especial mood in which all came to school, developed there into laughter, smiles and jokes, it was necessary just to play to music and to begin fervent national songs.

Also a festive whirling involved all the present, both teachers, and kids-first formers and parents. Little girls in bright sundresses and kokoshniks, boys in painted shirts, sonorous children’s voices, cheerful songs, dances and round dances.

And when all enjoyed dancing and laughing all much, time came to burn the Maslenitsa effigy out of straw. Tongues of flame have shot up upwards, covering the straw figure symbolising winter and cold, giving way spring and to the sun. Some more minutes – and only a low fire burnt down in the schoolyard centre. And all interested persons could jump through it, being released thus from all negative and going to meet the onset of warm days. And this ancient custom has something in common with tradition to jump through fire in Novruz that cleared to celebrate the approach of the New Year …

Week has come to the end of Maslenitsa. Farewell, Winter. Farewell, cold. Welcome, Spring!

And tomorrow, on the first day of March, again there will ascend the Sun. Also it will ascend again and again to present us with light and warm the earth on which all of us live. And it means that everything will be good!

Victor Kardashov