Famous actor Burak Ozchivit will play the role of Ertogrul’s son

Famous actor Burak Ozchivit will play the role of Ertogrul’s son

Famous Turkish actor Burak Ozchivit will represent on the screens the son of famous Turkmen military leader Ertogrul-Osman Ghazi Bey, who became the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

Footage and videos from the filming of continuation of the sensational series of the same name, which are watched in 65 countries of the world, are actively disseminated though the network and breaking view records. The actor himself is pleased to share the promo videos “Base: Osman Ghazi” on his Twitter, intriguing fans with the words “Coming soon!”

The series is about the era of development of the Ottoman State from the time of Ertogrul Turkmen, a leader and commander who migrated from Central Asia to the territory of present-day Anatolia.

The shooting is saturated with Turkmen color, emphasizing the inextricable link between the heads of Kayi tribe, who founded the Ottoman Empire, and their ancestors. A requisite (precious Turkmen carpets, blankets, woven alaja) occupies a significant place in the plot. And women’s jewelry pieces shown by the actresses are now adopted by fans of the series for everyday wear.

For the tome being movie enthusiasts are looking forward to watching the next series, reviewing the rapidly developing chronicle of the Ottoman Empire.