Facets of talent, or the ability to see beauty

Facets of talent, or the ability to see beauty

What does the profession begin with? Of course, it begins with love for work, which you enjoy doing. But there is no point to doubt the fact that a talented person is talented in everything.

This can be seen on an example of the wonderful dancer and no less brilliant photographer Nury Niyazov.

The son of ballet dancers, honored artist of Turkmenistan Nury Orazovich is a very modest and livable person. He followed in the footsteps of his parents, graduated from the Tashkent Choreographic School.

– According to ballet standards, I entered the school very late. After graduating, I immediately began to work in the theater. He danced primo in such productions as “Giselle”, “Nutcracker”, “Aldar-Kose” by Kosha Japarov.

More than once, Turkmen jigits invited Nury Orazovich to their horse group.

– I almost agreed to perform with the horsemen, as I have a passion for horses. But love for the chosen profession overcame. The ballet “The Fountain of Bakhchisarai” was staged where I was entrusted with the primo. Rehearsals fascinated me so much that I had no free time for anything else.

Soon Nury Orazovich moved to the folk dance ensemble of Turkmenistan. He worked there about seven years, during that time the ensemble traveled over 14 countries.

Once a friend presented Nury Orazovich a camera for his birthday. This was the beginning of his passion for photography.

– My mother also noticed that I have an artistic feeling of the frame. That’s she who suggested my friend to give me such an extraordinary gift at that time. It was 1971, I took pictures of everything, without any criteria. And then one day, the moment came when I realized that a picture to be turned out well.

Naturally, this moment of consciousness occurred when Nury was photographing the dance. Dancers, inflamed with dance, are almost intangible in motion. Therefore, the fact that he is a dancer by education helps Nury Orazovich to predict the beauty of the upcoming light movement.

He photographed not only people, nature, architecture, sands of the Karakum Desert are in the treasury of frames “extracted” by him. But most of all Nury adores to take a picture of city benches. So that’s kind of a hobby.

Having visited all corners of the Motherland, capturing the most beautiful historical sights, Nury Orazovich began to cooperate with travel companies. His pictures can be found in brochures for travelers.

– I am a real fan of classical music, – says Nury Orazovich. – I often attend concerts in Ashgabat. I like the way young conductor of Turkmenistan Rasul Klychev works. From the very beginning of his career, I foresaw that this guy is fantastically gifted. My camera picked up his emotionality, subtle hearing, feeling of music at the level of the inner state.

At this moment, Nury Orazovich is a professional teacher in the popular dance group “Mengli”. The dancers really love him for the amazing photos and his ballet-master

Looking at the creative path, overcame by the hero of this story, we can say with confidence: “We do not choose a profession, but the profession chooses us”. It is not necessary to have a lot of certificates and diplomas, it’s enough to enjoy the work you engage in.

Svetlana MAYAK