Facebook will organise for school children a training of digital safety

Facebook will organise for school children a training of digital safety

One of the most popular social networks in the world Facebook will organise a training of digital safety, Online Well-being, Augmented Reality (AR) for students, educators.

As representatives of the company state, the curriculum on digital safety and well-being on the Internet covers such aspects, as safety, confidentiality, mental health and user’s guide Instagram on formation of healthy digital habits.

Educational modules are developed to help young men to become responsible digital users, to teach them to define and inform on threats, and also misinformation.

The pilot agreement has been concluded between Facebook and Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi. Further the company hopes to extend educational modules in the world that each young Internet user could to feel confidently in the world net.

In recent years many countries try to include in the national legislations of article regulating the relations of users on the Internet to protect them in the virtual environment from quite real threats. However the volume, quantity and the form of the data passing through a network, not always fall under standard regulations, and any actions on protection limit the rights of users.

To avoid these complexities in the future, today in Turkmenistan, like in other countries, subjects take root into the school program on digital literacy and educational modules about cyber safety to bring up a generation of responsible Internet users.