Face of heart, stone of sun or simply – carnelian

Face of heart, stone of sun or simply – carnelian

Carnelian – a mineral, a kind of chalcedony of warm orange-red shades – is the main stone of Turkmen silver jewelry. This exquisite and noble combination is typical for a huge variety of different ornaments, which often serve as amulets.

The jewelry has a strictly defined purpose – for children, young girls or married women, as well as for the faithful friend of the Turkmen family – the Ahal-Teke horse, all of it is decorated with inserts from this stone. It is in perfect harmony with the colors of traditional Turkmen clothing and famous carpets, revealing another aspect of the delicate artistic taste of folk craftsmen and craftswomen.

What is carnelian – a stone with a rich history, which, with its bright color with many shades, which has attracted people’s attention since ancient times? In ancient Egypt, carnelian was a stone dedicated to the goddess Isis, wealthy Egyptians wore clasps made of this stone with the symbol of the goddess, resembling a three-leaf clover in shape, as a sign of giving themselves under the protection of the “mother of the gods.”

Carnelian was the most common semi-precious stone used to make jewelry, which some peoples revered as precious and even placed above diamonds. The spread of carnelian jewelry was not hindered even by the difficulty of processing it. The medieval scientist Biruni, who studied the properties of stones, apparently communicating with artisans, noted: “Many have a dislike for carnelian because of its intractability to processing.”

Carnelian is considered the most beloved stone in the Muslim world. The prophet Muhammad himself bequeathed to wear rings to him, for whom the following words are attributed: “Whoever wears a carnelian in a ring, he is incessantly in prosperity and joy. Wear a ring with carnelian, for truly it casts out poverty.”

Archaeological materials testify to the popularity of this stone in Central Asia long before Islam. A great variety of amulets were made from it, carnelian beads played the role of amulets in necklaces, pendants and bracelets.

Interestingly, during the Great Patriotic War, mothers who accompanied their sons to the front wore a pendant with a carnelian bead on their breasts. It was believed that carnelian would protect his son from injury and death.

Carnelian is a stone of health. Healers who have studied the healing properties of minerals believe that it increases the body’s defenses and positively affects emotions. Carnelian has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart, reduces the likelihood of strokes, heart attacks and helps to increase a person’s life expectancy.

The Indian Ayurveda says that orange carnelian is able to restore nervous and muscle tissues, helps with diseases of the genitourinary and pulmonary systems, regulates metabolic processes, and stimulates the endocrine glands. It also improves blood circulation and skin color.

Carnelian has a particularly beneficial effect on the health of women who are suited for a pink-orange stone in beads and earrings. It was believed that wearing carnelian facilitates childbirth, stops bleeding, and helps heal tumors.

The belief in the healing powers of this stone was so great that it was already explained in our time by the physical properties of carnelian – increased radioactivity. However, it has been established that the radioactivity of carnelian does not exceed the radioactivity of medicinal mud and some mineral waters.

According to modern scientists, carnelian therapy has almost a century of history. Individual scientists and entire institutes were also involved in it. It turned out that not every carnelian heals, but its medicinal variety, which is very rare in nature.

In Central Asia, it was found at the Yusuptash field, located in the mountains of Uzbekistan. In the course of routine research, the stone revealed its unusual, medicinal properties. The Uzbek scientist R. Yusupov patented his method of physical-therapeutic treatment and a device for its implementation. He invented the aerothermoreactor – a device whose heart contains this special kind of carnelian.

The therapeutic properties of such a stone are given by the features of the structural composition of the mineral. Due to internal tensions during mechanical, thermal or electrical influences, electrical discharges are formed on the surface of the stone.

It is possible that other factors, still unknown to scientists, are at work. It is very important that there are no contraindications for carnelian therapy. This method will help people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, liver, skin and oncological diseases.

According to popular belief, carnelian gives absolute luck in all spheres of life and work of the owner. This stone is considered one of the most powerful in terms of energy, it can be a talisman that will bring success in business. Its magical properties are associated with the ability to influence the fate of the owner, turn any loser into a favorite of fortune.

It is as a talisman that the famous fashion historian and TV presenter Alexander Vasiliev wears two rings made of blackened silver of oriental work with carnelians. In an interview, he said: “It seems to me that these rings help and adorn me. I can’t say that I put any special meaning in wearing them, but I feel better with them than without them. It is my kind of talisman!”