Expo-2020 in Dubai will be non-polluting

Expo-2020 in Dubai will be non-polluting

192 countries will take part in the global show – EXPO 2020 for the opening of which is left a year. It is supposed that from expected 25 million visitors 70 % will arrive outside of the United Arab Emirates that will be the biggest share of foreign visitors in a 168-year-old history of the world’s fairs.

EXPO 2020 will accept on the average hundred thousand visitors a day, and in its organisation will the artificial intelligence, advanced control systems of mass stream and many other things for trouble-free work maintenance are used. Organizers of the World’s fair in Dubai declare that energy which plans to use in operating time of EXPO-2020, will be completely made from renewed sources.

The project is carried out by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) Dubai for support of necessary infrastructure in the world scale action. DEWA already realised a number of megaprojects for EXPO-2020. Their number included also maintenance of a platform of an exhibition with renewed energy, including the building of three large substations. They are named in honour under themes of Dubai EXPO – “Possibility”, “Mobility” and “Stability”.

Energy through intellectual power supply systems will be generated and be distributed, thus the energy most part will arrive from park Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktum.

Visitors will be also offered a mega-action to use non-polluting vehicles with charge stations Green Charger established on the entire territory.

Ayna Berdiyeva