Expo-2020 – 190 countries will step into future

Expo-2020 – 190 countries will step into future

«Connecting Minds, Creating the Future» is the motto of the World Expo-2020 which will pass in Dubai. The largest event of the Arabian world will be visited by participants from 190 states, including from Turkmenistan.

National pavilions will reflect the basic priorities of development and cultures of –participant countries. The accent is made on an organic combination of high technologies with traditional values. In the pavilion of Turkmenistan it will be possible to experience literally as wheat grows and ripens and as Akhalteke horses are galloping hardly touching the ground.

The national display will show modern economic achievements of the country and its heritage. For example, external design of one of the pavilion walls will reproduce a Turkmen ornamental carpet.

The special attention will be given both to issues of ecology and participation of the youth in their decision. As organizers of review mark, it is necessary for us to establish a balance with the world in which we live.

That is why at the Expo-2020 for young active workers: scientists, researchers, and inventors wait alternative sources of food, water, pure and renewed energy.