Experts from the Louvre deliver a lecture to Turkmen students

Experts from the Louvre deliver a lecture to Turkmen students

French experts from the Louvre have delivered an online lecture to students of the Turkmen State Institute of Culture.

Annie Caubet, Honorary Curator at the Louvre Museum, delivered the lecture called “From excavations to the museum: procedures for conservation and restoration”. Teachers and students of the specialties “museology and protection of cultural and natural heritage objects”, “restoration of historic and ethnographic values” and “archeology” attended the course.

During the lecture, Ms. Caubet shared her rich experience in excavation, conservation and restoration of archaeological artifacts.

She also spoke about the special features of the development of archaeological maps for excavation work, inventory of finds and objects that make up the collections in museums.

Students were taught on the experience of systematization of objects exhibited at the Louvre Museum, ways of storing reserve artifacts, as well as the procedure for conducting work on the preservation of cultural heritage objects.

The online lecture was featured the show of splendid photo materials that reveal the Turkmen-French archaeological mission (MAFTUR), its tasks and working moments, which vividly demonstrate the processes of restoration and conservation of historical monuments.

At the end of the lecture, Ms. Caubet answered in details the questions asked by teachers and students of the institute.