Expert: Turkmenistan plays a key role in the cohesion of the countries of the region

Expert: Turkmenistan plays a key role in the cohesion of the countries of the region

An expert from Kazakhstan, President of the Association for Transport and Logistics Partnership in Central Asia, Berik Bulekbaev presented his report on the development of transport corridors  in Ashgabat, as part of the second day of the 24th session of the SPECA working group on sustainable transport, transit and connectivity.

“Turkmenistan is now very actively developing in the transport plan, in the construction of railways and roads,” Berik Bulekbayev said in an interview with ORIENT. – I especially want to note the importance of bridges that were built by Turkmenistan through the Amu Darya on the border with Uzbekistan. These are very important strategic sites, as well as the seaport of Turkmenbashi.

He emphasized that Turkmenistan plays a key role for the cohesion of the SPECA countries, determined by its geopolitical position – Iran and Afghanistan are nearby. And all the transport projects that are in force or are being developed by Turkmenistan, one way or another involve all the countries of the region.

– During the meeting, we also reviewed the documents developed by UNECE together with ESCAP. They concern international corridors, checkpoints and achievement of sustainable development goals in the field of infrastructure, ecology and social security of access to transport services,” added Berik Bulekbaev.

The expert is confident that the implementation of the Turkmen project to create a dry port, announced on the first day of the meeting, will contribute to the fact that those countries that do not have access to the sea can be involved in many future and current plans.

The main advantage in creating an internal terminal will be an increase in exports and imports from both Turkmenistan and foreign partners.

During his speech, Berik Raimbekovich spoke on issues of the SPECA subregion. He noted that it is necessary to strive for the development of an electronic system at transport borders, that is, when all documentation for the goods is entered into a single electronic database. This will contribute to the fact that the cargo will not be delayed at the border crossing and will arrive at the place on time.

It was also noted that the competent transportation of food products is important for the countries of Central Asia. For this, it is necessary to create training centers for training specialists in the transportation of fruits and vegetables, where they would be explained about the correct transportation of oversized and oversized cargo.

“We have a tremendous opportunity to use all the UN recommendations to achieve our goals for the development of transport and logistics in countries,” the expert concludes.

November 20-21, as part of the SPECA Days, Ashgabat will host the SPECA-2019 Economic Forum.