Exhibition on the culture and traditions of Turkmenistan opened in the Romanian city of Carei

Exhibition on the culture and traditions of Turkmenistan opened in the Romanian city of Carei

An exhibition of photographs, applied arts and ethnography of Turkmenistan opened on Thursday in the Romanian city of Carei, located in Satu Mare, the northwestern region of this country, on the border with Hungary.

It was organized on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s neutrality status of by the Embassy of our country jointly with Chairman of the Romania-Turkmenistan Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group, Deputy Istvan-Janos Antal, the Mayor’s Office of Carei city and its Department of Culture.

The exposition took place in the art gallery of the Karolyi Castle built by one of the oldest noble families of the Hungarian Kingdom. Eugene Kovacs, the Carei Municipality Mayor, Deputy Istvan-Janos Antal, Attila Nandor Hago, the Satu Mare Museum Director, and Adrian Stefanuts, the Karolyi County Cultural and Tourism Center Advisor spoke at the exhibition opening.

Ambassador of Turkmenistan Annamammet Annaye, who v joined the event via video link from Bucharest, expressed confidence, like other speakers, that this exhibition will be another step towards expanding cultural and humanitarian cooperation between the peoples of Turkmenistan and Romania.

The displayed photographs from the private collection of Deputy Istvan- Janos Antal showing Akhalteke horses and traditional culture of Turkmenistan were supplemented by various items illustrating the ancient way of life of the Turkmen people, the originality of their artistic crafts.

These included handmade carpets, national clothes, embroideries of Turkmen needlewomen, musical instruments, etc., provided by the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Romania. Turkmen jewelry made of silver with gems such as a girl’s headdress – gupba, bracelets – blezik, necklaces, earrings, rings, etc., attracted special attention of the Carei city residents.

The exhibition visitors also had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the books by the Turkmen leader, published and information materials about Turkmenistan.

The cultural event opening was attended by representatives of the local community and the media, scientists and cultural figures, residents and guests of Satu Mare County.

The exhibition of photographs and ethnographic items of Turkmenistan will last a month, until September 6.