Exclusive fur-tree toys with national colour – for the New Year’s ethno-decor

Exclusive fur-tree toys with national colour – for the New Year’s ethno-decor

New creative ideas of decoration of the house and fur-tree ornament appear every year on the threshold of its celebratory end. Among the most popular areas of recent years there was an eco-style and national motives.

The author’s works with the Turkmen patterns, created by resident of Ashkhabad Nartach Amanova have appeared a bright token in the assortment various fur-tree toys this year.

It is possible to name such original details of the New Year’s decoration a work of art as Nartach used skilful technicians of paintings and drawing of traditional patterns in Turkmen national creativity and ornaments.

As the designer tells, drawing with acrylic paints – the interesting technics for creation by the hands of exclusive subjects and ornaments for the house. All it looks stylishly, beautiful and in a trend.

And how decorated a fur-tree earlier? Christmas-tree decorations in the olden time pleased not only an eye: their big part after holiday was distributed to children as a gift. Therefore the majority of ornaments were edible – on a fur-tree they hung real apples, spice-cakes and figures from dough, covered with multi-coloured glaze, gilt nuts, and threads of beads from multi-coloured sugar candies. Fruits were wrapped into colour foil.

For example, in a fairy tale “Nutcracker”, the big fur-tree in the middle of a room was covered by gold and silver apples and on all branches as if flowers or buds grew sugared nuts, motley sweets and any other delicacies.

Later edible ornaments were replaced by wooden toys, cones and shell, there were paper flowers, silver asterisks and brass figures – angels, tell-tales, fairies. Glass blowers thought up glass – baubles, beads, icicles, first of which were from thick mirror glass. But in due course masters learnt to make thin-walled baubles.

Time introduced corrective amendments to traditional New Year’s ornaments and the real wax candles which lighted on fur-trees, replaced electric lights – garlands. So fur-tree toys embodied at all times important historical events and were reflexion of time. And only since 1960 Christmas-tree decorations after holiday they began to keep in a box until next year.

Now each of us decorates the house and dresses a fur-tree on his own, someone in the old manner – decorates it with edible surprises, and someone with glass baubles, casting memoirs on the childhood, and someone strictly and accurately with few toys, more greens and cones.

Christmas-tree decorations for all tastes and colour are accessible to us. We can get as the author’s toys of handwork, and factory identical figures from different materials – glass, plastic, foam plastic, fabric and others.

And not subject to time handmade toys, never will lose its topicality. Differing with their exclusiveness and originality fur-tree baubles in national style, not only will decorate the New Year’s tree, but also will fascinate with a plot made by the brush of the artist. It is possible to look at such painted fur-tree toys for hours, they are indeed unique on own their way.