European business is lobbying for the idea of the Trans-Caspian pipeline

European business is lobbying for the idea of the Trans-Caspian pipeline

A well-known Russian international observer Sergey Strokan highly appreciated the interest of Turkmenistan in the Southern Gas Corridor project. This is reported on the portal “Moscow-Baku”.

Commenting on the results of the fifth meeting of the Consultative Council of this project, which took place on February 20 in Baku, the Russian expert noted that initially the project of the Southern Gas Corridor proposed to transport 10 billion cubic meters of Azerbaijani gas to Europe from the Caspian region through Georgia and Turkey.

However, given that in the next decade, the role of natural gas in the European market will grow steadily, the European Union is already thinking about the future, and declare its determination in the next ten years to increase the supply of Azerbaijani gas through the Southern Gas Corridor to at least twice 20-25 billion cubic meters per year.

“It is very symbolic that Turkmenistan, a state possessing one of the largest gas reserves not only in the post-Soviet space, but throughout the world, is looking more and more closely at the Southern Gas Corridor,” stresses Sergey Strokan.

In this regard, a Russian observer notes that “representatives of a major European, in particular, German business, are actively lobbying for the idea of laying another – Trans-Caspian pipeline.”

“This will allow to transport not only Azerbaijani but also Turkmen gas via the Southern Gas Corridor,” Strokan noted.

ORIENT previously reported that at the meeting of the Advisory Board on SGC, held in Baku, the European Union and Azerbaijan invited Turkmenistan to join this project.