Euronews NBC to broadcast the 1st Caspian Economic Forum

Euronews NBC to broadcast the 1st Caspian Economic Forum

At media forum dedicated the Ist Caspian Economic Forum for representatives of foreign mass media held Ashgabat on June 29, representative of Euronews NBC, an international broadcasting corporation comprising the largest European media agencies, took part.

ORIENT talked to Kjell Stein, International Sales Director, Euronews Sales. He told why you should come to Caspian Economic Forum-2019 and what exactly Euronews will cover.

– The Caspian Economic Forum will be a large-scale event. We are engaged in its broadcast promotion. The audience of Euronews is 35 million, and it is a good platform for such international event, which is held in one of the fastest growing places in the world.

The Euronews will live broadcast the 1st Caspian Economic Forum from the event site.

“I am sure that this forum will help many people to get to know Turkmenistan better, to get acquainted with its history, culture, and achievements in various fields. People in Europe want to be more informed about the Caspian region, Turkmenistan. And I am sure that our collaboration with the government of the country as well as with the organizers of the forum will be fruitful.

Euronews NBC hopes for further cooperation with Turkmenistan in covering major international events held in the country on regular basis. In addition, according to Stein, the company will cover of all subsequent Caspian Economic Forums, which are scheduled to be held in each of five Caspian countries.